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Resources for activists

Have you checked out our wide range of resources for activists? From facilitation to consensus; and from dealing with the media to organising successful meetings.

Download free resources.

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Get a copy here

A Consensus Handbook is now available: you can order a copy from us, or download it for free: details...

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Consultancy and Training

Seeds for Change also provides participative and dynamic training for environmental and social NGOs, Social Enterprises and Charities. Each of our trainings and workshops are tailor made to meet your organisation's needs.

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Seeds for Change is a UK network of non-profit co-ops providing training and resources for grassroots activists.

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How you can support us

We rely heavily on donations from those who support our work - find out how you can help.

And we're always looking for activists and groups who want to do training themselves - contact us if you'd like to start doing training yourself.

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Workshops and Resources
for grassroots activists

Seeds for Change - activists providing support and training to activists, campaigners, community groups and co-operatives.

We're a network of activist training co-ops providing training and workshops on group and campaign skills. We support people who want to make our world a better and more sustainable place.

Have a look at our guides and briefings which have lots of practical skills and ideas to make your meetings run smoothly and painlessly, not to mention making your campaign or project a success! We cover topics like consensus decision making, facilitating meetings, how to win your campaign, publicity, and taking action. All our materials are free.

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Here's just some of the workshops we can offer - if you want something that's not on this list then ask us - we may be able to help, or know someone who can.

  • Consensus Decision Making and Facilitation - make your meetings inclusive, creative and effective.
  • Campaign and action skills, work out a strategy for your campaign.
  • Co-ops - help in setting up your co-op, work out how to work together, choose a structure, work out your business idea.
  • Training for trainers - how to plan and run your own great workshops.

Workshops for unfunded grassroots groups are usually free, so give us a shout if you think we could help your group, or you want to offer your facilitation or training skills!

We're always looking for activists and groups who want to do training - contact us if you're interested in doing training yourself or in setting up your own training collective.

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