About Seeds for Change

We live in a world in which people and ecosystems are exploited for the sake of greed and power, and we believe that to create real change, we need to come together to fight injustice and win. Seeds for Change exists to support groups who are trying to do just that, and who share our core values of equality, freedom and solidarity.

We are a workers' co-op of experienced campaigners. We offer training, facilitation, online resources and other support for campaigns, community groups and co-operatives.

The change your group is working for might be short-term and specific, or wide-reaching and ambitious. You might be fighting to defend your community, stop environmental destruction or change the economic system. We aim to help your group get better at making that change - by being more strategic, and more sustainable.

Our experience as campaigners and trainers

The experience we bring to groups comes from our significant involvement in environmental and social justice campaigns and community groups, from anti-fracking to renters unions to a queer dance night. This means we don't see ourselves as outside experts coming in to tell you what to do! We will pass on tips and suggestions from other groups and our own experience - and support you to work out your own solutions to the problems you face.

As well as being closely connected to the movements we work with, we have 60 years combined experience of delivering training in a wide variety of contexts. Since we set up in 2000 we have worked with hundreds of different groups - which puts us in a great place to learn from different movements, and help connect ideas between them.

Examples of groups we've worked with

Some examples of groups we've worked with in the last few years: Frack Free Lancashire, Sheffield Anti-Raids, These Walls Must Fall, Green New Deal Rising, United Voices of the World Union, Queer Support for Migrants, Coal Action Network, Abortion Rights Campaign in Ireland, SlĂ­ Eile, Partisan social centre, Bristol Copwatch, Trans Mutual Aid Manchester, People & Planet groups and many more.

Why a workers' co-op?

We are a workers' co-op because it allows us to work non-hierarchically - we as members of the co-op are all paid equally, and decide together what's best for us and the groups we support.