What people say about us

Here are some comments from a range of groups and organisations we have worked with.

Organiser, Co-operative Technologists retreat
"The seamless facilitation of over 40 people meant that our event was truly co-operative with concrete decisions achieved. We could not have asked for better facilitators, thank you!"

Campaigner, Frack Free Dee
"I recently went to a Seeds for Change ‘strategy workshop' in Preston and came away from it feeling extremely positive and inspired. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all that we are facing in this region, we felt empowered, able and ready to defeat the unconventional gas industry."

Voluntary Action Harrow
"Seeds For Change are incredible! They facilitated a fantastic training for trainers which was of a very high quality. The session was extremely participatory, built quality relationships and vastly improved expertise. Suffice to say, I would recommend them."

Richard Hawkins, Public Interest Research Centre
"Seeds for Change's training is simply excellent; an important step towards a more just, democratic and sustainable future."

Workshop Organiser, Reclaim the Power
"Seeds for Change are a vital and precious resource for the movement for progressive social change. All of the trainers I've worked with are highly skilled, competent trainers as well as being genuinely lovely people. Becks and Sharon helped us create a four day program of workshops, delivered them excellently and empowered our group to go out and take action together – the feedback from everyone was highly positive. I'd recommend them to anyone."

Corporate Watch
"Advice and support from Seeds for Change has been of a consistently high standard: insightful, clear and relevant. We have always found them to provide an impressive understanding of our situation – a small workers' co-op, - and the support has been tailored accordingly. Each time we are given the necessary time and space to explore the issue, balanced with perceptive, practical and helpful advice. Where issues were difficult to disentangle or understand, this was skilfully and sensitively drawn out."

Radical Routes
"An outstanding 4-hour financial literacy training for our Trading Co-ops Network – aimed at people who are just setting up or who have been in co-ops for a while, but haven't really ever understood the accounts. It was very useful for me as someone who's kind of OK to read figures, but wouldn't be confident in making decisions based on what I was seeing there. People were surprised how fast the time went, there was group work looking at accounts, a glossary quiz to help people distinguish between similar sounding things, lots of clever use of flip charts, and a role play with chocolate buttons that went down extremely well. They coped very well with having over 30 people instead of the 20ish they planned for. They took nothing for granted, encouraged stupid questions and made sure everyone was with them throughout."

Outdoor education worker, Eden Ventures
"The Seeds of Change workshop really helped me think about why consensus is important for all the work I do and gave us tools to think more deeply about consensus. Rhiannon facilitated well, following our needs and ideas. A really inspiring session."

The Coppice Co-op
"Once again, Seeds for Change dished out their knowledge by the bucket-load and skill-fully steered our group through some challenging topics. Who knew the ins and outs of employment law could be made interesting! We're still very much in the fledgling stages and have been putting off tackling such areas as dealing with conflict and grievances within our co-op. We felt in safe hands with the S for C gang, trusting their advice and massively appreciating their honesty and enthusiasm - they've seen it all before after all!"