Facilitation by Seeds for Change

Facilitation of Meetings

Looking for help with planning and facilitating an important meeting, developing your vision, working out your organisational structure or exploring a contentious issue?

We can help social and ecological justice groups with meeting facilitation. We particularly specialise in facilitating participatory processes such as consensus decision making and have a wide range of tools and approaches to support this. Have a look at our guides on consensus and facilitation and our approach.

We can facilitate a process or meeting for you, or support you to plan it so you can facilitate yourself.

Some things we can help facilitate:

  • Meetings on your vision, aims and purpose
  • Campaign strategy planning meetings
  • Starting up a group or coalition
  • Developing your organisational structure and systems
  • Exploring a complex issue your group is facing
  • Evaluations and reviews
  • Creating a program for a gathering or event

Sessions we have recently facilitated

A strategy review for a campaign working to end immigration detention, a strategy session for an Ireland wide climate campaign network, a process to develop the decision making structure of a large complex community project, a series of meetings setting up a Black Lives Matter group in a rural area.

"The seamless facilitation of over 40 people meant that our event was truly co-operative with concrete decisions achieved. We could not have asked for better facilitators, thank you!"