Our Ethical Policy - Seeds for Change

Ethical Policy

Below you can read a summary of our ethical policy. To see more detail please download our full policy document.

We hold the core values of:

  • Equality
  • Freedom
  • Solidarity
  • Justice

We aim to enact these values by:

  1. Considering these values when deciding what work to do.
  2. Being a not-for-profit co-operative with equal pay and collective management.
  3. Recognising and challenging power dynamics and systemic oppression.
  4. Making training, facilitation and resources accessible to as many people as we can.
  5. Being accountable and open to feedback.
  6. Promoting co-operation and mutual aid in the wider world.
  7. Considering funders’ ethical investment policies before applying for funding.
  8. Minimising our participation in systems of economic and ecological exploitation through our consumption.

We don't always enact these values perfectly – it is an evolving process for us! Let us know if you have thoughts or suggestions on what we could do better.

Our commitment

The responsibility for enacting this policy lies with all members, staff and volunteers of Seeds for Change. We commit to implementing this policy to the best of our ability. Regular reviews and evaluation of the policy and improvements in practice will take place.

Policy reviewed July 2022