Ethical Policy

As an organisation committed to a radical and ecological view of society we will strive to achieve the highest ecological and social ethical standards - these will take into account not just the ecological impact of our work, but the impact on poorer communities across the globe and on non-human animals.

We commit ourselves to the following.

Reducing the amount of resources we consume and pollution we create by:

Reducing our support of destructive transnational corporations and oppressive regimes by:

Reducing our impact on non-human animals by:

We will consider all of these ideals when choosing services such as banking, printing, when looking for office space and seeking funding.

We will prioritise supporting groups and organisations that share our commitment to a radical and ecological view of society.

With reference to the ideals listed above, we will not work with groups which have an unacceptably high or negligent negative social and environmental impact.

The responsibility for enacting this policy lies with all members, staff, volunteers and trainees of Seeds for Change. Regular reviews and evaluation of the policy and improvements in practice will take place.