Links - Seeds for Change

Below you'll find links to some other great organisations in Britain who offer support to campaigners, community groups and co-ops.

Resources such as guides, info sheets and books are available on our Resources page.

  • Other training collectives
    • Navigate - Workshops and meeting facilitation for groups working towards environmental and social justice.
    • Resist and Renew - Participatory workshops, courses and spaces for discussion.
    • Rhizome - Training, facilitation, mediation for community activists and organisations. Lots of interesting materials about consensus and facilitation on their site.
    • Tripod - Training for creative social action. Based in Scotland.
    • Turning the Tide - Quaker programme promoting understanding and practice of active nonviolence. UK wide.
  • Support for co-ops
    • Acorn Coop Support - Expert advice and training on co-operative governance, finance, business and strategic planning.
    • Catalyst Collective - The place to go for help with setting up and registering housing co-ops. Lots of info on their website. Experts in co-operative finances and business planning.
    • Co-op Culture - Training and services for sustainable co-ops: business and finance planning, advice on governance, community share offers.
    • Radical Routes - Network of radical co-ops working for social change.
    • Co-operatives UK - Umbrella organisation for UK co-operatives, runs support programmes.

The views expressed in any linked site are not necessarily those of Seeds for Change.