We provide training and workshops for campaigns, community projects and co-ops that are working for social and environmental justice.

Our training is engaging and participatory. We draw on our experience as campaigners and facilitators to provide a session that is tailored to the needs of your group. Find out more about our approach and the skills we offer. We can often run training for a small donation or for free for campaign groups without funds - see our cost and practicalities page.

Click on the links below to see more detail. If what you are looking for isn't covered, feel free to get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

 Collective organising

We run training in all aspects of how we can organise to have more power together, including building participation and developing group systems and cultures that are effective and democratic.

Examples include: deciding on your group structure and decision making processes, meeting facilitation skills, consensus decision making, getting new people involved, accountability, communication, sharing power in groups, and building strong networks and coalitions.

 Developing your strategy

Having a strategy or long-term campaign plan increases the chance you’ll win. We can provide training or facilitate a meeting to develop your strategy - including your aims, vision, values and plan.

 Campaign and action skills

We can support you with training in specific campaign and action skills such as: media, outreach, direct action, security and legal rights.

 Running co-ops

We specialise in collective management for co-ops and can help your co-op be democratic and effective. We offer support with developing your decision making structure, and being accountable and supportive without having top down management. See here for other organisations that help co-ops.

 Running your own workshops

You can strengthen your campaign by effectively sharing skills between yourselves. 'Running your own workshop' training will enable you to train others in an engaging, participatory way.

Occasionally we run open workshops that anyone can attend. To find out about future open workshops, sign up to our email list.