We provide training and workshops for co-ops, campaigns and community projects that are working for social and ecological justice.

Our training is engaging and participatory. We draw on our extensive experience as campaigners, co-operators and facilitators to provide a session that is tailored to the needs of your group. Find out more about our approach and the skills we offer.

Click on the links below to see more detail. If what you are looking for isn't covered, feel free to get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

 Collective organising

Our workshops help you think about what kind of group structure, decision-making processes and ways of communicating will enable you to be efficient and democratic and how you can build a group culture where everyone is valued.

For example we offer training in: working non-hierarchically, consensus decision making, meeting facilitation skills and inclusive groups.

 Developing your strategy

Whether you are in a campaign or a co-op, having a strategy or long-term plan increases both your effectiveness and your chances of success. We can help you achieve your aims by providing training in strategy or by facilitating a meeting in which you determine your strategy.

 Campaign and action skills

Effective campaigns often use a range of tactics and therefore require a wide variety of skills. We can support you with training in: legal rights, media and outreach, direct action and campaign security.

 Setting up co-ops and groups

For a group to be strong, function well and be enjoyable we need to pay attention to how we work together. We can help you work out your aims, decision making process, organising structure and how (and whether) you'll get new people involved.
Plus developing good practice in working sustainably and building strong, trusting relationships within the group.

 Co-op governance

We are specialists in collective management for co-ops and can help your co-op be democratic and effective through choosing the right legal form and putting in place the appropriate decision-making structure.
We also offer training in being accountable and supportive without having top down management, including drawing up effective policies, peer review systems and effective communication channels.

 Running your own workshops

You can help campaigns, co-ops or community groups by spreading YOUR skills and knowledge. 'Running your own workshop' training will enable you to pass your skills on to others in an engaging, participatory way.