Costs and Practicalities - Seeds for Change

The cost of our support for you varies greatly depending on how easily your group / organisation can access funds.

Groups without funds

We’re passionate about supporting campaigns without funds, particularly groups whose work matches our strategy. If you are an unfunded campaign group we may be able to use grant funding to support you for whatever donation you can afford, or for free. Get in touch and we’ll see what we can offer.

Organisations with funds or income

We charge an hourly rate of £30 for work with organisations with funds or income. This pays for our time spent working with you and a contribution to our overall running costs as a co-op.

We are sometimes able to offer discounts depending on your financial situation. Please contact us for a full quote.


You will need to find a venue, be it a village hall, your office or your living room. If appropriate you might need to do some publicity for the session.

Please contact us in good time to arrange a workshop or training session, as we’re a small co-op and our diaries book up quickly.

We may also be able to help your group plan your own workshops - we can provide advice on workshop plans, tools to use, or see our resources.