Our History - Seeds for Change

Our history

Seeds for Change sprung up in 2000 out of a need to share skills for effective organising across groups campaigning for an ecologically and socially just world. By 2001 we had incorporated as a worker's co-operative and started receiving funding for our work. In 2004 we joined together with Tools for Resistance and formed two collectives based in Lancaster and Oxford, both working under the banner of Seeds for Change.

We have worked with hundreds of groups, run dozens of trainings for trainers, organised workshop programmes for many large events and written over 40 guides to effective campaigning and co-operation.

We've provided training for groups involved in a wide range of issues, from resisting coal mining and organising against fracking to fighting for migrant justice and setting up workers co-ops and social centres.

In 2016, the Oxford collective set out on a new venture. Taking on the name Navigate they continue to offer training and facilitation for groups working for progressive social and environmental change. Navigate is increasingly working with groups in conflict, to understand power and how to use it, to work sustainably, and to develop winning strategies.

Along with Navigate and other grassroots training collectives such as Tripod and Resist and Renew we are part of a well connected wider network, sharing skills and working together.