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Our guides are designed to help you be more effective in your campaign, co-op or project.

The ideas, examples and tips in our guides are based on working with many different groups and projects, both as campaigners and as trainers.

Consensus decision making

Consensus is a way of reaching agreement in a group that is creative and co-operative. It means working together to find solutions that everyone actively supports. This guide covers the values and principles of consensus, a common process for reaching consensus decisions, and tips for making it work. Also includes sections on core skills, using consensus in large groups and ideas for tackling common challenges.

Consensus decision making: Audio

Door-knocking and Stalls

Having face to face conversations with members of the public is one of the most powerful ways you can reach outside your ‘bubble’ and build a stronger base for your campaign. This guide covers how you can use these techniques strategically, and develop the skills to be really effective.

Door-knocking and Stalls: Audio

Online Decision Making

Decision making online comes with a lot of challenges - this guide outlines common dynamics and practical issues, and offers tips for how to do online decision making in a way that is democratic, easy to engage with and fun!

Online Decision Making: Audio

Impact of convictions

Criminal convictions can impact a person’s life in different ways, and knowing these impacts can inform the decisions of you or your group when taking protest action. This guide helps you understand how criminal records work. It covers the impact of convictions on various areas of life for people in the UK, including employment, immigration status, housing and other areas.

Impact of convictions: Audio

Taking Minutes at Meetings

The minutes of a meeting are a record of important points that will be useful for the groups to remember. This guide offers tips to help you create informative, accessible minutes that are quick and easy to write.

Taking Minutes at Meetings: Audio