Podcast by Seeds for Change

A Seeds for Change podcast, in conversation with community organisers. From stopping immigration raids on their streets to starting food co-ops on their estates, people are organising in their communities to take collective action against poverty, policing and the hostile environment.

In this podcast we discuss the theory and practice of community organising, and its role in bringing about political transformation. With Amardeep Singh Dhillon from We Keep Us Safe Lewisham and Lesbians & Gays Support the Migrants; Shiri Shalmy from Cooperation Town; and Mea Aitken from Kids of Colour and the No Police in Schools campaign.

Episode 1: Where are the factory gates?

In this episode we discuss what community organising is, and the argument for it as a political approach. We talk about the growing forms of community organising happening in Britain, how people are attempting to politicise everyday life, and the infrastructure we need for a community to exist.

Episode 1

Episode 2: Abolish the organiser!

In this episode we talk more about the political questions involved in community organising, from sharing power to dealing with conflict and harm. We discuss the role of the organiser, the new wave of British abolitionism, and what it means to have an abolitionist approach.

Episode 2

Booklet: Where are the factory gates?