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Donating By Standing Order

If you'd like making a regular donation please consider setting up a standing order which tells your bank to give us a certain amount monthly or yearly. You can end the standing order at any time by telling your bank.

You can print out one of the Standing Order forms below, fill it in and return it to us (not your bank) at the following address:

Seeds for Change
Storey Institute
Meeting House Lane
Lancaster LA1 1TH
United Kingdom

Standing order form PDF | Odt | Doc

More Information about Standing Orders

A standing order is an instruction you give to your bank or building society to make payments, usually on a regular basis, to a specified customer at another bank or building society in the UK.

Any person or company with a current account at a bank or building society can give a standing order instruction.

The bank or building society will, on the day specified in the Order, debit your account and transfer the money through the banking system to the bank or building society account of the recipient.

Just let your bank know that you wish to stop paying the standing order.

You will have to give your bank or building society a new standing order instruction if you wish to change the amount or date, not forgetting to cancel the earlier instruction at the same time.

Current account customers do not usually pay any transaction charges for standing orders, but if you have a business account your bank may charge - do check with your bank.